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About CESS

Environment sustainability is becoming an increasingly critical issue in rapidly developing Asia. The main challenges to achieving sustainable development for growing cities have also been attributed to the absence of adequate policies, enabling legislation and an environment-stimulated and enlightened public. Hence, there is an increasingly crucial need to promote sustainable environmental management in the Asia.

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore is the global platform for government leaders, policy makers, regulators and industry captains to connect, examine and discover practical solutions to address environmental challenges for tomorrow's cities. CleanEnviro Summit 2016 will facilitate the sharing of insights on the latest environmental market trends through a myriad of activities including the Clean Environment Leaders Plenary (CELP), Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable (CERR) and Clean Environment Convention (CEC) that will showcase the latest innovations in waste management, clean management, environmental technology and recycling solutions.

CESS 2016 will take place from 10-14 July 2016